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Get In Gear - Kids Can Capital Campaign

Kids Can Community Center is excited to announce our Get In Gear capital campaign.

The future is right around the corner!  We love our neighborhood, but our current space limited our growth. We were fortunate to find the right spot just a block away at 48th and Q Streets. Previously owned by Omaha Public Schools and the former site of Ashland Park Elementary, Kids Can purchased the land in 2019 to make way for a new facility.



Double the fun

Our goal is to double the capacity of our current building. The new center will foster an environment truly suited to the needs of the families we serve, including an innovative STEM room, greater classroom and community capacity, and infant childcare for the first time in our history!  

This Get in Gear Capital Campaign is the community’s collective investment in the future of our students and the deeply needed services to their families: accessible, affordable and quality Early Education and Out-of-School programming.


Characteristics of the new site

  • Allows for continuity of services at current facility during construction
  • Larger site allows for future building addition opportunities
  • Higher viability at the corner of 48th and Q Streets allows for better exposure and recognition within the community
  • Site Acreage: 3.7 acres
  • Current Zoning: R-4 (special permit approved for new center)

Characteristics of the new layout: 

  • Early Childhood and Out Of School areas are placed in separate wings with flexible community spaces in-between
  • Approximately 27,000 gross square feet with site area is set aside for future additions for both wings
  • Gymnasium is built into hillside to reduce scale of the large volume of space and also provides an opportunity for signage along Q Street
  • Potential recreational greenspace for youth sports
  • Building footprint holds the corner of 48th and Q Streets to respect the scale of the neighborhood 




Click on each picture below and be taken to a virtual 360-degree look inside each room!




As we Get in Gear to construct a new Kids Can Community Center, we thank you for consideration of support to raise $11.1M for the campaign.  Your donation will be prominently placed on a recognition wall consisting of gears working together.  It will be a fun and interactive art installation for our kids with your name on a gear.  Join us in showing our students how working together creates a fun and bright future for each child, our community center and all of Omaha. 

Are you ready to get in gear?  Contact Cliff McEvoy at or call 402-731-6988 to make your pledge today.  Download the Get In Gear booklet and donation form or make your donation online right here or click on any of the levels below.


Grateful Gears

Donor wall concept courtesy of Kentucky Science Center.

Special thanks to our foundation sponsors for leading the way to the future:

  • The Lozier Foundation
  • William & Ruth Scott Family Foundation
  • The Sherwood Foundation
  • Weitz Family Foundation
  • Mutual of Omaha Foundation
  • Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Mammel Foundation
  • Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation
  • Howard & Rhonda Hawks
  • Sunderland Foundation
  • Pacific Life Foundation
  • Union Pacific
  • Heistand Family Foundation
  • FNBO
  • Immanuel Vision Foundation
  • Adah & Leon Millard Foundation
  • Shikhar & Kristin Saxena Family Foundation
  • Oxbow Animal Health
  • Bland Cares Foundation
  • American National Bank
  • Dundee Bank

Thank you to our individual donors:

  • Megan & Tim Addison
  • Avi Atholi
  • Kali Baker Memorial Fund
  • Annie & Ken Bird
  • Deborah Bogar
  • Danielle Carlson
  • Cristina Castro-Matucewicz
  • Omar Correa
  • Linda & Tim Daugherty
  • Krista & Marques Eckhoff
  • Michelle & Patrick Eppler
  • Valarie Finney
  • Jane Franklin
  • Renee Franklin & Steve Smith
  • Garry Gernandt
  • Sarah & Dan Gilbert
  • Shannon Hite
  • Hollister Family
  • Brad Hove
  • Kristine Hull
  • Drs. Laura & Ajoy Jana
  • Angie Kelso
  • Rebecca Kleine & Family
  • Melissa & Marty Kopplin
  • Preston Love Jr.
  • Kristin Lund
  • Colette & John McCann
  • McEvoy Family
  • Renee & Jordan Mellican
  • Scott Moulton
  • Mustaches For Kids Omaha
  • Lindsay Neemann
  • Carole & Gregg Nelson
  • Cindy Oelke & Jerry O'Brien
  • Robert M. Patterson
  • Gina Ponce
  • Diane & John Prauner Family
  • Marcos Rodriguez
  • Carol & Rick Russell
  • Frank & Katijo Sierawski Family
  • Annette & Paul Smith
  • South Omaha Optimist Club
  • Charlene Stender
  • Tettenborn Family
  • Emily Tonniges
  • Wendy Townley & Matt Tompkins (in honor of the Townley Family)
  • Barb True & Sharri Fletcher
  • Nichole & Kevin Turgeon
  • Kelsey Wallerstedt & Josh Gillman
  • Jay Warren-Teamer and Shannon Teamer
  • Julia Westerfield
  • Bob & Kim Whitehouse
  • Jennifer, Jason & Ethan Whitney
  • Terry & Carol Williams
  • Joan & Nathan Willis
  • Molly & Curt Witzenburg
  • Brittany Wozny
  • Michael & Judith Wozny

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